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water sensitive urban design

This is a nice booklet on water sensitive urban design from the UK’s Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA).

Water Sensitive Urban Design is the process of integrating water cycle management with the built environment through planning and urban design. Two principles are essential to its application:

  1. All elements of the water cycle and their interconnections are considered concurrently to achieve an outcome that sustains a healthy natural environment while meeting human needs.
  2. Consideration of the water cycle is made from the outset, and throughout the design and planning process.

I like how in the UK and Australia the construction industry itself is a strong driver of innovation in green building and better energy and water management. Innovation happens faster that way. In the United States I see mostly the architectural profession trying to drive it, and the engineering and construction industries half-heartedly and inconsistently supportive at best, apathetic or kicking and screaming at worst.

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